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Real Talk

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Real talk: Getting your offer accepted, and having an agent that you know is doing their best for you.

We've had more than a few buyers "switch" to using members of our team within the last 3 weeks. Here were some of the main complaints those buyers had about their previous agents:

"They weren't proactive"

"I didn't feel listened to"

"I was tired of submitting offer after offer not understanding why I wasn't winning the property in a multiple offer situation"

"I felt like they just wanted to sell the house instead of making sure I was happy"

Just a friendly reminder: BUYING A HOUSE IS A BIG DEAL. It can be hard to sever ties or "fire" an agent, especially if they were referred to you by a family member, friend, your lender, etc. But, read those comments above again. Does that sound like someone you want to trust to successfully guide you through the biggest purchase of your life? No. If you aren't 100% SURE that your agent is working their HARDEST to advocate for you, EVERY DAY, move on.

This is especially important for buyers, where we are still facing challenging market conditions with multiple offers and high pricing on many homes persisting into Fall. If your offer wasn't selected, your agent should provide some insight as to why. If your agent isn't being creative, and tweaking even the smallest of terms to make the offer a win-win for everyone, work with an agent that understands that there are SO many more things than price that factor into a strong offer.

We are experts at crafting strong, CREATIVE offers that fly to the top of stack because of the WHOLE picture, not just the number.

And, we are great listeners. We can't wait to hear what you are looking for in a home and tirelessly work until you get it!

Reach out to us to learn how we do what we do.

EYG Team