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Fall Market Update

Corny joke - the leaves aren't the only thing that are starting to change ;) There are no longer 30 showings scheduled immediately in a weekend on new listings. We are holding Open Houses again! 8 offers in 24 hours, waiving all inspections and offering $70,000 over asking price? Not so much. Giving a kidney, wine club subscription, and cleaning the house for the sellers as part of your offer? No more.

We might not be navigating crazy bidding wars, but things are returning to "normal". What is a synonym for normal? "Stable". It's basic economics - supply and demand are starting to find equilibrium again. This is a good thing.

What does this mean for you, as a seller? The market HAS changed - for you. Home and farm prices are still at a high, which means the comparable sales agents and appraisers look at to price YOUR home are higher. Buyers are still stronger than ever due to stricter lending guidelines, and those making offers are serious. Homes are selling in days (maybe a few weeks!) instead of hours, but you aren't getting buyers that feel rushed into making a decision and might have regrets or want to back out of a contract. It is still, still still, a GREAT time to sell. (Fall is always a STRONG season!).

What does this mean for you, as a buyer? TAKE. A. BREATH. Being strategic and making strong offers (with a great agent by your side) is still important, but you don't need to cancel your own baby shower to make sure you see a property before it goes off the market. Interest rates are STILL. LOW. Less offers on properties means less competition, which means YOU have MORE opportunity to get what you need out of a purchase. Seller contribution? Let's talk about it. Inspections? Back on the table.

The stakes have changed, and our team is prepared to help you navigate this shifting market so your home will STILL sell for top dollar, and you now have the opportunity to snag your dream home without competing against everyone else in the world. PM me, or call/text ANY time at 443-878-5088 to talk about selling your home or farm. We will give you our *honest* (whether you like it or not!) opinion to best help your decision making.

Elisabeth Yeager