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7 Ways to Beat the Freeze

Tis’ the season for Holidays and the winter weather! These tips to beat the freezing weather can help you save a lot of money while keeping you warm and toasty! Remember to always do regular maintenance on your home which helps to prevent any issues.

1. Turn down the heat in a vacant home.

When you leave your house, remember to turn the heat down! For every degree you turn the heat down, you can save between 1-3% on your heating bill!

2. Guard your water pipes.

Disconnect and store any garden hoses to keep outdoor plumbing from freezing! Also, make sure to shut off the water to any outdoor faucets, drain the lines, and insulate the hose bibs! Another great safeguard is to install frost free hose bibs.

3. Keep garage doors closed.

Although this one may seem silly, it truly does help minimize the cold air. Keeping your garage door closed will help keep cold air out of your house and protect plumbing fixtures in the garage.

4. Clean your gutters!

Full gutters increase the chance of ice forming, and trust me, ice in your gutters is not fun. Set aside some time to clean out your gutters before icy weather hits!

5. Check your attic ventilation.

Inspect your attic to make sure there’s no insulation blocking in your vents. The prevention of warm air reaching your attic will not allow ice and snow from melting off your roof.

6. Reverse your fans!

Fans keep you cool in the summer AND can keep you warm in the winter! There’s normally a little switch at the base of the fan that will change the blade direction. Clockwise rotation pulls warm air from the ceiling down to you!

7. Seal your windows and doors.

Check first to make sure you have no air coming in through your windows and doors. An easy way to check is to turn off all the lights and see if any light is seeping through the cracks. If so, look into caulking or weather-stripping the areas to achieve a good seal.